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THE JE MEME! :D (By theproudpenguin)
The favorites (only one answer for each question)::
Who's your favorite idol in the Johnny's Entertainment?Akanishi Jin
Your favorite group?KAT-TUN
Your favorite dorama with JE idols in it?ano...Buzzer Beat
Your favorite pairing (or trio)? (i.e. akame, tegomass, ryopi, etc)Akame ^^
Your favorite show in which a JE band is the host?cartoon KAT-TUN
Your favorite song? (tough one, I know)Yamapi - One in a million
Your favorite DVD? (i.e. Kat-Tun's Real Face Tour, NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story, Kanjani8's Spirits, etc.)Akanishi Jin - Yellow Gold 3011
Other (only one answer;you can explain your answer) ::
The JE idol you want to meet the most?Jin~
Who's the sexiest?Of course - Bakanishi <3
Who's the cutest?Kame :)
The one you know you will have a good conversation with? (or the one you seem to have the most in common)I'm not sure. Jin I think but It could be Pi.
The one that is making you laugh the most?Bakanishi. Should I say more?
The one you want to see crying?I don't want to see anyone crying. when they cry they're painfully beautiful. Like Pi or Ueda.
The one you won't go "akjosngodg.sgtj^c" if you ever see him on the street?Matsumoto Jun
The one you will do anything just to shake his hand or take a picture with?I'm not that type of girl... demo... Jin ^^"
The group you have the more pictures on your computer?KAT-TUN
Your best memory of a Shounen Club episode? (i.e. Shige stripping, NewS abake, Romantic skit w/ Kat-Tun and Kanjani8, etc.)I don't really have... but it would be something according to KAT-TUN.
You really want to be __s' sister.Yamapi
The group that have the best member ai?KAT-TUN. They not always show it to the public, but you can see it. And we're talking about boys, men, ne?
The band who's closer to their fans?NewS
Which JE idol have the greatest clothing taste?Tanaka Koki maybe :)
The boy you want to see in an An An photoshoot? (or any sexy photoshoot)Ryo. I've seen Jin's and Pi's so I wanna have a sexy An An with him*__* please,please,please ^^
Your reactions?
If you were in a restaurant, and Shige and Koyama show up, your first reaction is __Kei-chan kawai desu, ne~?
Your first travel to Japan and you're all excited! As you look at the other side of the street, you see Yamapi and Jin looking cool and anonymous. Your first reaction is__Cross the road but only if they can't see and pass by them with a huge smile. something like that. how bad fangirl I am>.< ^^"
You've read on Internet that your favorite group may come to your country for a photoshoot soon. You__Search every single detail and tryin' to get a job in the stuff with virtues. And I can speak japanese too, more than most hungarians do. ^^
There is it! The pairing you've been shipping for like forever has finally come out, and it's all over the Internet! Your first reaction is ___Shocked. Happy but I'm sad a bit 'cause I have no other chance to be Jin's wife xD - joking. shocked but happy. But I will be worried about them, people are cruel.
You're still in Japan and you're walking on the street, just having fun by yourself. Then you bump into someone and fall on the ground. As you look up, you see that it's the one and only Kamenashi. Your first reaction__Saying sorry and blush. Than I'll offer him a tea or a coffee in my minimal japanese and fluent english. Maybe I have luck :D
Your trip is over, and you have to come back to your country. As you're heading to your seat on the plane, you see Kamenashi and Yamapi sitting right next to your seat. Your first reaction_Passing out?! - After 2 minutes(while I can't breathe) I would sit next to them with a kind smile and just daydreaming while watching them secretly, not to disturb them.
TOP 5! (1 being your favorite, 5 your least favorite)
Top 5 Groups!
Top 5 Idols!
1:Akanishi Jin
2:Yamashita Tomohisa
3:Kazuya Kamenashi
4:Ryo Nishikido
5:Ueda Tatsuya
Top 5 Songs!
1:Akanishi Jin - Seasons
2:Yamashita Tomohisa - One in a million
3:Kazuya Kamenashi - 1582
4:Ueda Tatsuya - Dictator
5:Ryo Nishikido - Code

Jin &lt;3

Day 21,22,23,24,25

Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy.
Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else.
Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot.
Day 24 - A letter to your parents.
Day 25 - What I would find in your bag.

I think there are a lot of personal informations, so If you wanna get to know me and you are in that mood, read it. i don't bite.
But my english isn't perfect.

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Jin &lt;3

DAY 17,18,19,20

Day 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.
Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have.
Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them.
Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/ being with in the future.

DAY 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.

I don't really want to switch lives with, even for a day. Maybe I'll choose a japanese woman, or a japanese star(man not a woman, because I'm curious how could it be to be a famous man in Japan) for example some one of jpop or jrock. But it's my answer if I have to switch, if I don't have to, I wouldn't do it.

DAY 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have.

Plans: I wanna work after the university for the EU for a 4 years seculde, then I'd like to work for a company which works maybe with fashion. I'd like to work a bit in Japan too.
But if I had the chance I'd like to go after these uni years to the university in Monaco for 2 years, to become a special fashion manager for companies, like Armani, dolce&gabbana. Maybe I have the chance.

Dreams: I'd like to live in Japan, in England in Italy and maybe in France or Finland for a couple of years in each country.  Maybe I could live in one of them. But I don't want to be so far away of my family.

Goals: Travel to Japan in 2 years. I'll work really hard for it. And I'd like to visit London, Paris,Rome, Brussel, Helsinki until I finish  the university.

DAY 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them.

Vadmacska - Wildcat - Because I'm passionate, wild, and I like use my nails in 'those' situations.
Cica - Kitty - I don't know why, but most of the guys around me calls me Kitty.
Baba, bébi - Baby - Other boys call me this way
Dem, Csamú - from Demie and from Carmit - my friends like to call me so
Ma Petite - Lora and Eszter gave me this nickname.
Zsófie - Sophie - When I was a little child, everyone said to my parents, don't say my name I look like a 'Sophie' so most of my familymembers call me Zsófi.
Erika - this is my middle name. Two exboyfriends, who are now my friends call me so.
Manócska - my parents like to call me that way.
Szívem - Sweetheart - sometimes Honey says to me.

I'm sure I forgot some of my nicknames but never mind x)

DAY 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/ being with in the future.

I don't have imaginations like that. In my daydreams there are 3 people who could be ; Akanishi Jin, Hiroto from Alice Nine, or Brian Molko from Placebo. But these are just daydreams, so I could say Larry from Negative, but he has already a wife, and they are perfect together so I won't say his name :)

That was the meme for today. Sorry again for the lating. I'd like to do it everyday, but my days are like a mess.... But I think it'll be alright from now on.
I'll concentrate on my studies, friends and writing. :) I won't care about guys. They will be someday my death. and it's serious.

Demie is back with 100% ^.^

Guys... Fuck it  (^.~)/˘

Jin &lt;3

Day 9, 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 - Sorry!

Day 1 :
A recent picture of you and five interesting facts about you. - 5th febr.
Day 02 - The meaning behind your LiveJournal name. - 6 th febr.
Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends. - 7th febr.
Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have. - 8th febr.
Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you've been to. - 9th febr.
Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why. - 10th febr.
Day 07 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you. - 11th febr.
Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why. - 12th febr

Now: 9-16 days

Left: 14 day

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That was me. sorry for the lating. :$

Peace&Love <3
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Jin &lt;3

day 7, day 8

Day 07 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.
Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why.

Day 7 - Dad Tomek and  Mum <3


Day 8 - goals? let's see...

I wanna live trough this month. And in my personal life : I just wanna fix the things, and may be not just fool around these boys... I'll might date with one of them. I seriously want a boyfriend. I miss the feeling. :) That's all :) ohh and maybe find a job to get more money. and I wanna be positive again, cause to be negative.....it sucks.

Jin &lt;3

Day 4, 5, 6 - sorry for the lating.

Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have.
Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you've been to.
Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why.

So I was really exhausted in th past 2 days, I hadn't got the energy to post anything. But from now on I'm back :)  Let's see :)

Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

I wish I didn't smoke and drink coffee so much. Don't smoke! I like smoking, but it costs a lot of money.

Day 05 - Greece, Sarti <3 I love this town :)

Day 06 - I have so many super heroes...

3. Brian Molko - Was the part of the MTV EXIT programm towards violance etc and held a concert in the Bangkok with Placebo.
2. Lauri Markkula - Peaceful and lovely man, the best guitarist, who taught us to be kind, lovely and be the peace.
1. Ian Somerhalder -  http://www.isfoundation.com/    should I say more? He's perfect as a man and as Damon in the vampire diaries <3

This week wasn' t my week. So I'm waiting for Monday... maybe the next week will be better.

Jin &lt;3

Day 3

Day 3: A picture about you and your friends

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Me and some of my friends... in THE birthday party of Csenge  party...
- A 'little bit' drunken and having fun. ' Pose naughty!' - by me and Szonja it's okay, but by the others...xD
We're really idiots <3 <3 ^^ xD
A picture about my other friends will come on an other day, part of the meme. :)


Tonight party :) See you soon ^^

Peace& Love
Jin &lt;3

Day 2

Day 2 from the 30 days meme :)

Day 02 - The meaning behind your LiveJournal name.  : (Demie Duerre = ) Demona Duerre. It was the name one of my characters in a fanfiction. This girl was like me. Demona is from Desdemona which means ill-starred. So positive, isn't it?
I love this name, and I love my real name Ildikó, too (meaning: fighting woman - Ildikó was the wife of Attila the hun, and she killed Attila, because he killed Ildikó's father... nice name.. isn't it ? xD :) ) but if I have to choose an other name, it would be Demona. And from this story I publicate most of my novels and poems under this nickname :) So of course I chose this name on LJ. :) :) That's the big story of my name :) :)

Good night ^^ Tomorrow I'll come with the Day 3 :)

Peace&Love <3
Jin &lt;3


Lilian-től ( liliangore) kaptam a sötétzöld színt :) Jó pár napja de sajnos csak most volt időm feltölteni, mivel a képek már megvoltak :)

Igyekeztem a lehető legtöbb helyen tartani magam a sötétzöldhöz, 1-2 van aminél eltérek csak ^^


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Nos azt hiszem ennyi voltam mára, fáradt vagyok, de zavar hogy több mint három órákat alszom, és antiszoc vagyok és hiányzik Sopron és ahh minden a bajomra van, még az is hogy nincs mivel lekötnöm magam, és elvetemültségemben zavar hogy nem kell 6-12 órákat tanulnom folyamatosan.... >.<
Inkább ki is megyek cigizni és elteszem magam holnapra. Jó éjt all <3 ^.^